Automotive Industry, Component Suppliers

Longstanding in business

For more than thirty years we have been coating and laminating materials for car interior design and equipment. Apart from non-woven laminations for the back injection moulding, and film laminations for back-foaming we supply HF weldable items for the installation of high quality sunblinds. Moreover our reverse side coatings optimise on acrylate, PU, EVA, silicone etc., the properties required and the processing of the textiles specified. In this way can, for example, the anti-pilling properties, the stability, grip or creep behaviour be matched.


Likewise in commissioned production

In production we easily laminate and coat to your exact requirements and product specifications as well.



  • Anti-slip equipment for luggage areas
  • Coating for seat covers
  • Coating of sun blinds and weather strips
  • Door coverings and linings
  • Laminations for hat shelves and arm rests
  • Laminations for head rests
  • Laminations for pillar coverings
  • Laminations for roof parts
  • Laminations for seat covers
  • Textile internal trims of cars and lorries