Shoe Industry

A wide choice

As against competition we cover the entire textile need for the shoe industry. The more differing the materials in use for shoe manufacturing, the more multifaceted are our production facilities. Thus we develop together with you appropriate lining materials for being underpressed to aliphatic or water-repellent leather.

Based on our technical capabilities and 70 years’ experience in the shoe and leather business we can meet all your requirements for material finishing, laminations or coatings.


We supply as a new development or in commissioned production to your specifications:

  • Artificial leather
  • Bandage material
  • Edge padding material
  • Eyelet strengtheners
  • Functional insole material
  • Front end lining materials
  • Inserts
  • Lastex foam lining (plain or printed)
  • Linings (plain or printed)
  • Membrane lining
  • Microfibre qualities
  • Middle inserts, inserts, fixed inserts
  • Strap material
  • Toe-cap lining
  • Tongue materials
  • Etc.