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It seems often that marginally improved material properties have enabled you to move forward. Be it by rational processability, improved customer acceptance or greater room for movement in the price structure. Whenever the solution is by laminating or coating it
is worth contacting KLUTH.


Anti-slip equipment for luggage areas, Arm rests, Door end finishes, Door mirrors, Head rests, Interior trim, Parcel shelf, Pillar coverings, Roof parts, Seat covers, Sun blinds, Weather strip


Medical, Care

Bandages, Blood pressure cuffs, Bibs, Mattress protection sheets, Mattress protection cases, Patient gowns, Padding and fixing systems for orthopaedic applications, Suction pads, Surgical covers


Sport, Games and Protection

Beach items. Boxing equipment, Cold protection, Camping equipment, Cycling clothes, Equestrian equipment, Fitness equipment, Gloves, Goggles, Helmet padding, Ladies', Men's and Children's clothes, Lastex foam laminates, Lining materials, Motor cycling clothes, Non-woven lamination, Padding materials, Rainwear, Reinforcing materials, Sailing needs, Shoe inserts, Sleeping bags, Sport clothes, Sports equipment, Thermomats, Velcro bands, Wind protection, Winter sport clothes, Yacht accessories

Shoe Industry

Artificial leather, Bandage material, Edge padding, Eyelet strengtheners, Functional insole material, Inserts, Lastex foam lining (plain or printed), Lining, Membrane lining, Microfibre quality, Middle inserts, inserts, fixed inserts, Strap material, Strobel materials, Toe-cap lining, Tongue materials


Building Industry, Civil Engineering, The Environment

Acoustic materials ,Anti-glare textiles, Anti-erosion textiles, Camouflage systems, Composites for interior decoration, Compressed air installations, Dikes and bank strengthening materials, Filter systems for the cleaning of air and water, Fire and Rescue equipment, Groundwork sealing, Insulation against cold, heat and sound, Membranes for light shell structures, Tent materials, Textile drainage systems, Textile Facade and sub-structure systems, Textile formwork material, Textile reinforcement for concrete and other hardening materials, Textile roofing and roofing membranes, Textiles for underground fixing, landscape, ground and street works, Waste site materials

Leather Goods

Artificial leather, Calender coverings, Case linings, Foam lining materials, Lining materials, Strengthening materials, Velcro bands


Landscaping, Gardening

Crop advancement, Drainage, Erosion protection, Ground cover, Root separation, Seals, Shading, Water collecting


Industrial Items

Coatings for Inkjet textiles, Cover sheets, Filter pads, Fire protection, Glass separators, Grinding discs, Laminations for digital pressure pads, Loud speaker membranes, Loud speaker protection fabric, Magnetic plate, Moulded parts, Pipes and containers, Spectacle linings, Textile reinforcement for structural parts


Living, Furnishings

Black-out items, Covers, Curtains, Digital pressure textiles, Furniture materials, Garden furniture, Inkjet textiles, Lampshades, Laundry labels , Materials and protection wrappings for mattresses, Sun awnings, roller blinds, Table linen, Upholstery