Building Industry, Civil Engineering, The Environment

Competent for the appropriate Material properties

We laminate films, wovens, paper, non-wovens, foams and composites up to 240 cm wide or coat these up to 185 cm wide for dedicated use in building, in agriculture and in the environment. As dictated by needs these materials breathe, insulate, are transparent, porous, resistant to cold, absorbent, elastic, weldable, can harden or be supplied with other properties in many combinations. KLUTH is your dedicated partner particularly for new developments on the basis of our long experience in processing a wide variety of materials for building construction, civil engineering and environment protection.


To customer specification we supply:

  • Acoustic materials
  • Anti-erosion textiles
  • Anti-glare textiles
  • Camouflage systems
  • Composites for interior decoration
  • Compressed air installations
  • Dikes and bank strengthening materials
  • Filter systems for the cleaning of air and water
  • Fire and Rescue equipment
  • Groundwork sealing
  • Insulation against cold, heat and sound
  • Membranes for light shell structures
  • Tent materials
  • Textile drainage systems
  • Textile facade and sub-structure systems
  • Textile formwork material
  • Textiles for underground fixing, landscape, ground and street works
  • Textile reinforcement for concrete and other hardening materials
  • Textile roofing and roofing membranes
  • Waste site materials
  • Etc.