Medical, Hospital, and Care

Items Roll width up to 240 cm

Film laminates up to a width of 240 cm based on PU, PVC or Polyolefins made by KLUTH are used for the protection of mattresses: they are water-proof, they breathe, (with PU), withstand a boiled wash, will tumble, are resistant to mites and bacteria and are skin friendly. If required this material can be supplied as ready-made mattress cases.


Incontinence Items e. g.

For incontinence cases we offer single sided coatings, double or triple laminates on a wide variety of materials. These offer resistance to boiled washing and tumbling. Those coated with rubber or PVC have the advantage that they offer a clean cut edge from the roll and can be used direct and are usable without the need for further finishing.

The highly absorbent incontinence underlay, which owing to its non-woven character can absorb a quantity six times its own weight, is available in the roll as well as in individual sheets.


Likewise in commissioned production

Of course we coat and laminate these items in production quantities to your specifications as well. Please enquire.



  • Bandages
  • Bibs
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Incontinence underlays
  • Mattress protection cases
  • Mattress protection materials
  • Patient gowns
  • Padding and fixing systems for orthopaedic items
  • Relocation aids
  • Suction pads
  • Surgical clothes
  • Transport aids
  • Etc.